Hans Habeger

For the past 18 years I have focused on painting and drawing urban landscapes. My recent work concentrates on the facades of strip malls and big box stores as well as the spaces around these structures. These types of settings are common in the American suburban landscape and highlight the culture of consumerism and convenience in which we live. I find these subjects in my immediate surroundings visually appealing due to the quality of light, evidence of time and human impact, implication of metaphor and narrative, and most importantly the arrangement and quality of the formal design elements observed. Photographic references are the source images for the works as they allow me capture a wide range of subjects, views, and the specificity of the space.
The photographic images are typically edited and cropped using digital tools before I start drawing or painting. Sketching is an important step in my process. I'll start by making small sketches to see the subject as a series of shapes, values, and lines that divide and activate the picture plane. I also create larger value drawings that may function as their own piece rather than just as a study for a painting. Through the process of drawing I am able to become familiar with proportions, lighting, and placement of shapes which helps me as I move into a painting of the same subject. Through the process of both drawing and painting the works become translated and constructed into a different visual language with hopes of capturing the mood and overall visual qualities of the scene.